Our Values


To nurture the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of students and to excel within a college preparatory program infused with artistic and athletic pursuits.


To inspire the passion to learn, promote citizenship and honor, and a respect for one another within a complex and changing world.


To provide a diverse (local, national and international) student body with a traditional, structured, and familial atmosphere that fosters academic, intellectual, and character development while celebrating individual strengths and talents.

Core Values


  • To be fair in all of our actions
  • To tell the truth and strive to do what is right


  • To help and support others
  • To consider the feelings of others


  • To risk to achieve that which is right
  • To give up one’s own interests to serve the greater community


  • To listen to others and consider their thoughts and opinions
  • To honor differences and act fairly


  • To be responsible for your words and actions
  • To work hard and help others
  • To act by what is right even if no teacher is watching

The Academy - A National School

A National School is one which would be competitive with other independent schools across the country of similar size and grade configuration.

This includes urban, suburban and rural schools. In short, a family could move from one area to another and the student could fit academically into the leading school of that region. Or, a student could move into your community and fit into your school academically. Note that we are not talking about a “common” curricula, but rather to the level of expectation, the quality of instruction and the overall richness of program.

Among the defining characteristics are the following. These do not, of course, include every area of a school’s operation.


Characteristics of The Academy at Ocean Reef

  • The school’s mission is unique and articulated
  • There are clear goals for student development
  • The school is committed to the development of the individual student’s potential
  • The school is an exclusive environment
  • The school enhances the development of social skills
  • It endorses individual attention to students
  • It puts a concentrated effort on instilling pride, tradition, and spirit
  • It has clear behavioral expectations
  • It utilizes ongoing self-evaluation
  • It is committed to gender socialization and sensitivity
  • The curriculum is sequenced and integrated
  • It uses the community to enhance the program
  • The school is committed to technological competence
  • It believes in program introspection and innovation
  • It defines successful secondary school placement when the placement is highly appropriate for the individual student
  • The facilities meet or exceed the needs of the program
  • The environment is nurturing
  • The school has appropriate parental involvement (whether day or boarding)
  • The students are happy and engaged
  • There is a sense of place
  • Communication is effective and regular
  • Believes in the education of the heart as one of its primary goals
  • Possesses a rigorous academic program
  • Maintains high standards and expectations for all students and professions
  • Believes in a competitive admissions process
  • Has an organized business approach which is illustrated in balanced budgets and positive audits
  • Establishes clear and attainable goals for its development program which advances the school based upon significant support from its constituencies
  • Has a Board of Trustees that supports the Head of School’s philosophy, knows its role as a nonprofit board, responds to what is financially in the school’s best interest, and assures the long-term legacy of the institution
  • Recruits teachers and administrators using both local and national searches
  • Believes in professional development for all personnel at the school
  • Encourages professional attendance at local and national conferences
  • Supports teachers and administrators in outside, educational leadership opportunities
  • Believes that students learn both inside and outside the confines of the school
  • Celebrates and enhances the continued growth of diversity within the school community because it knows the importance of teaching children about the future that truly exists
  • Bases all of its decisions for the school in terms of what is best for the students who attend